Generals Stirring the Proverbial Political Pot

Last Friday AG Jeff Sessions held a press conference to address the ongoing leaks that are affected the Trump presidency…a press conference I expected so much from only to get little to nothing of substance. Same old, same old, was the order of the day to such a degree that I am convinced Jeff Sessions is not up to the task he is now charged with. With the demeanor of a milquetoast of sorts, what Trump needs from his AG, especially with the leaks actually increasing not decreasing, would be what amounts to a bull in a China shop…and simply…Jeff Sessions ain’t it.

“This nation must end the culture of leaks”…Sessions said, stating the obvious when the obvious did not need to be said. And saying that the DOJ might…I repeat…might…as in there’s a possibility it will not…begin reviewing the potential for media subpoenas…shows a laize-faire attitude towards a media



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