GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE, man of Integrity, honor, duty and Christian chivalry

To many Confederate General, Robert E. Lee is an enigma replete with contradictions, controversy, conflicting conflagrations, illusory politically incorrect through modern 21st-century liberal indoctrination. To many others, Robert E. Lee is a symbol of American nobility, courage and enduring strength. The truth is both of these variant viewpoints are historically correct. As other men of his time, Robert E. Lee personally experienced conflicting loyalties, wherein, to place his honor and duty.

Robert E. Lee loved the Union, but placed his primacy of fealty in Virginia. He developed affection to the confederacy of American States, but upon the demise of the Confederate States of America again sincerely entrusted his fealty to the United States.  Was Lee’s contradictory, sometimes conflicting loyalties strange for a Southern gentleman of his time? No, not really.

In order to aptly comprehend Robert E. Lee’s hierarchy of fealty one may compare the American system of confederacy



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