General Admits Terrorists Had Psychological Advantage Under Obama

If you want the enemy to know what you’re doing….send them a telegraph. At least that’s what the Obama administration seemed to believe worked well. Now, with President Trump in command, there’s a whole new change in attitude and a stronger will to succeed.

U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson slammed former President Barack Obama on Monday and said that Obama led jihadists to believe the U.S. military had lost their will.

Gen. Nicholson made that statement in a public video, CNS News reported.

Nicholson explained that from 2011-2016, the U.S. sent telegraphs to the Taliban promising that U.S. troops were leaving Afghanistan.

As a result, the Taliban saw U.S. forces as weak and believed they had “lost (their) will.”

“From 2011 to 2016, we telegraphed to the enemy that we were leaving,” Nicholson said in the video.

“We drew down our forces steadily – I’d say too far and too fast – and



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