Gay America Needs To Arm Themselves

In the wake of the worst terror event since 9/11 the administration is going for the guns. It is predictable given the Obama Administration’s track record on guns, violence, and Islam.

This event was pure evil and obviously Islamic Terror.

The shooter had ties to ISIS. He literally swore his allegiance to ISIS on a 911 call and hated gays so much that he wanted to murder them.

How much would this event have been different if someone at the bar had been carrying a weapon concealed?

Could they have halted the event before we reached the horrific number of 50 dead?

Possibly…yes. We will never know.

This violence was not a product of guns. It was a product of violent Islam and gun control wont stop it.

Gays are regularly persecuted in the Middle East. Now that violence has come to our shores.

It is time for America’s…



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