FULL SHOW: Can US handle dual war with Russia and China?

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Following the critical phone call between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin national security adviser Jake Sullivan responded to a reporter’s question on a nightmare scenario—in which Russia invades Ukraine while China simultaneously invades Taiwan. According to US officials, all options are on the table when it comes to countering alleged Russian plans to invade Ukraine. That even includes sanctions on the soon to be operational Nordstream 2 pipeline between Russia and Germany. RT America’s Ben Swann weighs in. (1:19) Then Former UK MP George Galloway and conservative radio show host Steve Gruber share their perspectives. (4:18) Germany has a new leader, Olaf Scholz was sworn in as chancellor Wednesday morning, marking an end to the 16 year run by Angela Merkel. This coming on the heels of a meeting in Warsaw, which saw the bloc’s nationalist party leaders convene to form something of a ‘super group’. Former member of EU parliament, historian and author Paul Nuttal joins In Question to discuss (16:10)

01:19 Russia/Ukraine & Steve Gruber & George Galloway Discussion
04:18 End of The Merkel Era and EU Nationalist
16:10 Paul Nuttal

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