‘Free speech issue of our time’: Tech giants trigger conservative revolt

“This could end up being the free speech issue of our time.”

Those are the words of Breitbart Editor in Chief Alex Marlow, whose news organization has published articles exposing alleged political bias and censorship by search giant Google and its video-sharing website YouTube.

“The Silicon Valley elites are saying, ‘We don’t care what you want to see – we know what you should see,” Marlow told the New York Times. “We know better.”

As WND has reported, several high-profile conservatives are accusing tech and social media giants Twitter, Google and YouTube of discrimination in a series of lawsuits against the organizations. WND has also reported on alleged censorship of conservative content by social-media giant Facebook.

The issue of censorship of conservative viewpoints by the websites was even the subject of a hugely popular discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference last month titled “Suppression of Conservative Views on Social Media: A First Amendment Issue.”




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