Fox News Poll Shows Protests Are More Damaging to NFL than Goodell Ever Thought

Maybe the NFL should be called the Humpty Dumpty of sports in America. Just like Humpty Dumpty, the NFL was once sitting pretty lofty but has now taken a great fall when it comes to America’s popularity for sports. Looks like many Americans are moving on to major league baseball or college sports.

It’s no one’s fault but the NFL. They brought this whole NFL kneeling protest on themselves. What did they actually expect to happen? Did they really think that Americans would not be offended by the NFL players protesting and disrespecting our flag and military? Did they really think this would NOT affect their profits and sponsors? Come on man!

A recent poll by Fox News revealed that 46 percent of respondents held a favorable opinion of the NFL while 41 percent viewed the league unfavorably.

That is a remarkable shift in popularity from 2013 — the last time



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