Fox News Officially Drops “Fair and Balanced” Slogan

Two months after shedding its most recognizable personality, Fox News is dropping the most recognizable catch phrase in cable television.

In a move that will likely infuriate Fox News viewers who’ve grown loyal to the sole news outlet that gave conservatives a voice in mainstream media, the network plans to lose the “fair and balanced” tagline that has become a part of American culture, New York magazine reported Friday.

The famous three words helped Fox establish its own identity in the vast wasteland of network news in the United States – and served as an implicit criticism of the liberal bias among the three major networks when Fox News was born in the 1996.

“He would call a group of senior producers and make you watch the channel and he’d point out stuff, like a banner that’s slightly liberal,” one senior producer told New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

“He would…



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