Fox News Host to Dem Rep “You resist positive economic news because people will credit Trump” [Video]

[VIDEO] FOX News host Trish Reagan takes on the Democrat Representative Brad Sherman from California. Mr. Sherman has no kind words for the tax cuts and invokes just about every talking point that the Democrats have created to resist the Trump plan. About the only thing that was not invoked was Armageddon.

Ms. Reagan, on the other hand, held her own and rebutted all of the Representatives points with nothing but facts and truth. You are invited to listen to Mr. Sherman without screaming at you monitor. Good luck with his version of reality.

As Written, Reported by and Seen First on Fox News:

On “Your World” on Thursday, Trish Regan went head-to-head with a Democratic congressman on the Republican tax overhaul and its economic benefits to everyday Americans.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) called the tax bill a “deficit-exploding, job-outsourcing, economic disaster” and argued that Americans are better off under Democratic tax policies.

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