Fox News Declined to Pay Lump Sum of $60M to Settle Myriad Suits

The parent company of Fox News in July refused a lawyer’s unusual request to pay out a lump sum of $60 million to settle lawsuits with more than 20 current and former employees, The New York Times reported.

Attorney for the plaintiffs, Douglas Wigdor, proposed the sum and that he be allowed to distribute the $60 million across his stable of clients, all of whom he represents against Fox News and 21st Century Fox, the Times reported.

After the company refused Wigdor’s proposal during mediation, the lawyer has since gone public in attempts to strong-arm the company into paying.

Last week Wigdor went public with a lawsuit that centered on Fox News’ stories about the death of former Democratic National Committee official Seth Rich, accusing the network of scheming with the White House to knowingly push a false narrative about a motive for his death.

Then this week, Wigdor made



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