Former Facebook President Warns Against Using WHAT??

The novelty of Facebook and social media, in general, has certainly worn off after years of overexposure to the medium.

Now, the social media landscape is littered with specific platforms with specific functionality.  Myspace was the place where everyone was a celebrity.  Snapchat is for the spur of the moment, daily publishing of fun.  Twitter is as real-time as it gets and helps organizers and journalists chase reality at the drop of a hat.

Then there’s Facebook.

The clumsy, “hey look at me” social media giant is dipping its toes into every conceivable facet of the internet’s usefulness.  Advertising, analytics, classifieds; if you name it, Facebook is likely doing it.  The unwieldy giant of the entire world wide web has been facing scrutiny as of late, however, as a great many users have felt victimized by the political machinations lurking just below the surface.

Now, one former President

Andrew West

Andrew West

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