Former Facebook Exec Warns: You Are Being Programmed

There are more than a few concerns regarding the corruption of social media by the mainstream media, but what about social media corrupting America?

For years, thinkers and academics have been warning the world about the dangers of social media when looked at through the lens of global change.  Information is now virtually free for the entire world to have and to hold, and to do with as they wish.  In this way, all media is social media.  What Facebook, Twitter, and others have done is simply make this information simpler and faster to find.  Each of us who are plugged into sites like Facebook and Twitter are creating patterns of thought that can be digitally traced and recorded.  Those moves will make the internet smarter, and it will make Google that much more powerful.

But what are these too big to fail corporations really doing to the society on which they survive

Andrew West

Andrew West

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