Former Collegues and Friends of Andrew Breitbart Weigh the Fate of Steve Bannon

Up until now, Breitbart News has had a great relationship with Steve Bannon. That all may be changing as you read this. After Mike Wolff’s book began to trickle out in pre-release tidbits, Mr. Bannon has taken quite a hit in his reputation. If the book is to believed, Bannon holds the Trump clan in disdain. 

The book, Fire and Fury, contributes some very ugly things to Bannon that was said about the Trump clan. Treasonous is one of the words supposedly used by Mr. Bannon. The reaction from President Trump and his staff and supporters has been fast and furious. Will the apology heal things?

As Written and Reported By Derek Hunter for the Daily Caller:

As the war of words between the President of the United States and Steve Bannon rages over comments in a new book, one question remains on the minds of those who were friends of the man whose



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