Former California GOP Senate Leader Dave Cogdill Dies

MANTECA, Calif. — Former California state Sen. Dave Cogdill, whose support for temporary tax increases during the state’s 2009 budget crisis ended his legislative career, has died.

The Central Valley Republican died at his home in Manteca on Sunday morning after battling pancreatic cancer, his family said. He was 66.

Cogdill served three terms in the state Assembly and was the Senate Republican leader from 2008 to 2009, during the worst budget crises in California’s history.

He helped craft a budget deal with former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democrats to close a $42-billion shortfall that included more than $14 billion in temporary taxes.

Members of his party objected to the tax increases and ousted him as leader.

Schwarzenegger later praised Cogdill, saying that he “did what was right for the people.”

Cogdill and three other legislative leaders who crafted the deficit package were later awarded the Profile In Courage award



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