Forget the Oscars, here’s a movie truly worth watching

It’s Oscar time again, with this year’s best picture offerings including, uhm, homosexual seduction, relations with a swamp thing, a couple of good stories about the violence and death of World War II, a story about a “strong mother,” high society in London and more.

But there’s one new movie, showing in theaters one night only, Monday, March 5, that could forever change your perspective on what it means to be a Christian.

It’s called “Tortured for Christ” and is based on the famous book of the same name, which has been translated into more than 60 languages, authored by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of the Martyrs.

Wurmbrand founded the worldwide organization that helps Christians persecuted for their faith after spending 14 years in a Romanian prison under the thumb of communist jailers and torturers.

In 1966, two years after being released from the Romanian prison, Wurmbrand testified



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