Forget Charging Mexico, Trump’s Border Wall Will Pay For Itself

A Center for Immigration Studies analysis reports thatt even if the proposed border wall between the US and Mexico prevents a small fraction of the anticipated amount of illegal immigrants predicted over the next few years, the government budget savings from having fewer illegal immigrants to take care of would be enough to cover the costs of the wall.

This analysis takes the likely education level of illegal border-crossers and applies fiscal estimates developed by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) for immigrants by education level. NAS calculates the future fiscal balance immigrants create — taxes paid minus costs. NAS reports fiscal balances as “net present values”, which places a lower value on future expenditures than on current expenditures.

Based on the NAS data, Illegal Immigrants criminally trespassing aliens cost a the government approximately $74,722 during their lifetimes (not counting the costs of any



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