Forget Anthrax, North Korean Defectors Have Been Exposed To WHAT?

This has been a busy week in the world of North Korean defectors, with a bevy of bad news making headlines over the last few days.

First, a defector from the rogue regime was found to have been carrying Anthrax antibodies in his bloodstream upon submitting to an outside medical test.  This has led many to believe that the isolated nation is either testing the biological weapon for use in war or that North Korea is so far removed from modern culture that even the most basic of medicines avoid landing within her borders.

Then, just yesterday it became widely reported that a nuclear scientist who had escaped Kim regime poisoned himself to death while facing extradition back to North Korea.  Given the treatment of political dissidents described by previous defectors who survived the North Korean concentration camps, this sadly comes as little surprise.

Now it seems that

Andrew West

Andrew West

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