Forgery? Videos show Allred, Young falsely presented ‘notes’ as Roy Moore’s handwriting

As we and others reported Friday, Beverly Young Nelson, one of those accusing Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, admitted that she added “notes” to a yearbook inscription allegedly written by Moore in 1977.  Facebook, using the left-wing “fact-checker” Politifact, flagged the report as false.  But videos reveal that both Young and celebrity attorney Gloria Allred previously claimed Moore wrote the entire inscription — including the “notes” later added by Young.

This, Breitbart explained, is forgery.  Forgery, by the way, is a crime in Alabama.

According to Breitbart:

Note that forgery includes altering a real document. It does not matter if part of the document — say, the signature — is real. If any part of the document is altered and presented as original and authentic, it is a forgery and the entire document is legally useless — or worse than useless, since it impeaches the credibility of the



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