Forbes: Big Tax Cut Coming, But Ryan Needs to Lose CBO Models

Republicans — namely Speaker Paul Ryan — will eventually get out of their own way and pass tax cuts this calendar year, if only in the spirit of self-preservation, Steve Forbes wrote in a column for Forbes Magazine.

What should have been second nature to the party of Ronald Reagan has sputtered because Ryan put too much emphasis on process over principle — the “monumentally flawed budget estimates” of the Congressional Budget Office, Forbes wrote.

But with that nonsense of offsets out of the way, a big tax cut — though not tax reform — is on the horizon.

“Republicans will soon come to understand with next year’s elections looming: go big and if some changes are subsequently needed, do them later. But go big immediately,” Forbes wrote. “There simply isn’t enough time for a significant overhaul of the code. What will emerge will resemble more Reagan’s 1981 simple across-the-board tax cuts rather than the



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