Footage of deadly ambush on US troops released

On Sunday, ISIS released a disturbing video showing their fighters ambushing and killing four U.S. special forces operatives in Niger. The video was titled “The Attack of the Brave on the U.S. Army: Tongo Tongo Battle.”

The jolting video is shot from what appears to be helmet cameras on the soldiers that died on October 4, 2017. The footage offers a glimpse into the last moments of these heroes brave fight while surrounded and outnumbered by radical Islamic terrorists.

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Responsibility for the attack was not taken by ISIS until January 2018.

There was questioned raised after the incident that cost these four soldiers their lives, but the video sheds light on what really occurred — these brave  Americans fought until the bitter end.

You can watch the video here —

“The men were outnumbered and once fire superiority was lost due to the



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