Focus Group Won’t Change Their Minds In Alabama Senate Race [Video]

[VIDEO] In this video you will see various Alabama voters talking about Judge Roy Moore and his accusers. They are fed many lines that would allow them to trash the candidate for Senator from Alabama. For the large part, they are either supportive of the Judge or they do not believe the credibility of the accusers against him.

The interesting part of this article is the information on the polls that have been conducted. Depending on the qualifications of those polled, the range of support varies for the Judge over a very wide range. be sure and read that part.

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As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

The full spectrum of Moore defenses is covered here in a brisk seven and a half minutes. Some panelists think he’s a great man, others think he’s a miserable candidate but the lesser of two evils. Some (well, all) think his accusers are paid liars



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