Florida Senate OVERTURNS a Two-Year Ban on the Sale of AR-15’s

In another unsuccessful attempt to pass gun control since the Parkland massacre, the Florida senate OVERTURNS a two-year ban on the sale of AR-15s just 15 MINUTES after it was approved!

Let’s face it! The 2nd Amendment gives the right of all people to keep and bear arms. No amount of gun control laws will stop crimininals from shooting innocent bystanders. If anything, instead of trying to pass gun control laws, the schools should be throwing away those ‘gun free zone’ signs and stepping up to train teachers to carry guns on campus.

The Florida state senate briefly approved a two-year freeze on the sale of AR-15 rifles on Saturday, before overturning the measure 15 minutes after the initial vote.

The vote to pass the bill came on an unrecorded voice vote, in which lawmakers shouted ‘yea’ or ‘nay’.

Senate President Joe Negron, a Republican, ruled that the amendment passed on



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