Flip Flop! Liberals Now Claim Those Police Body Cams They DEMANDED, are Racist!

Sometimes it is just so hard to keep up with liberal logic, it can really make your head spin. But know this, if the evidence doesn’t support their beliefs, they will simply deny it exists. Better yet, they declare it racist.

Police departments across the country have been spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money to equip officers with body cams for years now. This was a huge victory for the left. The addition of body cams was in reaction to calls for more transparency and accountability from groups that allege police misconduct, particularly when engaging with minorities.

Several high profile cases led to protests and calls for body cams, including the Freddie Gray incident in Baltimore and Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, a mayor as liberal as they come, said body cameras were needed for “creating an atmosphere of transparency and accountability for the



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