FLASHBACK! It Turns Out That Reports of The Ever Cocky Barack Obama Getting Rid of All Chemical Weapons From Syria Were Greatly Exaggerated

As Syrian men, women and children – even babies writhed in agony after being exposed to lethal doses of deadly Sarin gas dropped from the sky upon order of President Bashar Assad; the world reacted in horror.

Sickening and heartbreaking images of people dying in the streets, bodies of children stacked in heaps, a father holding his lifeless twin baby girls, their mother also a victim, horrified the world, so angering and moving President Trump that he launched a military response to send the message that such attacks would not be tolerated.

But people might be forgiven if they also reacted with surprise after being led to believe by former President Obama that he had “eliminated” Syria’s chemical weapons cache years ago.

n fact, Obama bragged about it in a tweet dated August…



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