‘F**k, Marry, Kill,’ Details Of Matt Lauer’s Salaciousness Exposed

NBC’s Today Show anchor Matt Lauer was fired Tuesday night after he was accused of sexual misconduct. The details of that incident and others are beginning to seep out and they are very salacious.

TMZ is reporting that Lauer not only exposed himself to a co-worker but gifted another one a sex toy. However, it appears that those instances are simply a scratch on the surface of the accusations against him.

TMZ reports:

The former “Today” co-host also allegedly enjoyed playing the game “F**k, Marry, Kill” in regards to his female co-hosts at NBC. The bombshell allegations came out in a Variety investigation.

One woman says Lauer once delivered a sex toy to a female co-worker, and attached an explicit note … detailing how he’d use it on her. Several accusers claim his office was ground zero for much of the sexual misconduct. For instance, he allegedly called



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