Fishermen Watch In Horror As Captain’s Tiny Kayak Is Toppled By Deadly 7ft Shark [VIDEO]

A fisherman diced with death when his kayak was capsized by a killer shark that had got caught on his line. The unfortunate fisherman was captured on video as his tiny boat rocked back and forth in the sea when a shark started to eat the bait at the end of his line.

After a few nail-biting moments, the fearsome 7ft beast toppled his boat as fellow fishermen looked on in horror. There is then an anxious wait as Captain Ben Chancey quickly swims to a nearby boat and is hauled aboard – free of the shark in the water below.

Mr. Chancey was fishing off the coast of southern Florida for Atlantic Goliath grouper fish when the drama unfolded. As he sat in the kayak to try and catch the fish, a…



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