First Lady Hits Magazine Covers in Mexico


While the liberal media has been busy inventing controversy after controversy regarding Donald Trump and Mexico, Vanity Fair has taken a much different approach south of the border.

First Lady Melania Trump has made the cover of Vanity Fair in Mexico this week.

Melania Trump, the First Lady, has been an easy target for the liberally controlled media here in America, but in Mexico it’s a much different story, despite the constant cable news opinion that Mexico allegedly despises the new leadership in Washington.

“The first lady is pictured for the February issue of the magazine, poised with a fork over a bowl of jewels, as if preparing to eat them like pasta. One of the cover lines proclaims her the ‘nueva Jackie Kennedy.’

“Vanity Fair Mexico tweeted the cover and story on Thursday, the same day President Enrique Peña Nieto canceled a meeting with President Trump over his insistence that Mexico pay for…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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