First Brick Laid In Making America Great Again

It’s No Surprise But Trump Is Our Nominee (Image: MGN)

Donald Trump is officially the Republican Presidential Nominee. He has received the 1,237 delegate votes that are needed to officially claim the title. He is still behind Hillary in national polls, but he is biting at her heels and still has a chance of clinching the win. The reality TV star is truly going for the gold to “make America great again.”

There is no need to put the word “presumptive” in front of Donald Trump’s title anymore. The Republican party has placed their bets on the man who will lead them to the White House. That man is Donald Trump.

That’s right. The reality TV star, with no political experience, is taking America’s political scene by storm. A roll-call vote at the Republican National Convention placed Trump in the driver seat of a speeding presidential campaign.

Anti-Trump supports lost their…



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