FINALLY! Stop Spying On Us Without A Warrant! Lawmakers Rand Paul And Ron Wyden Bring Down The Hammer

Finally, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers have reached across the proverbial aisle to do something good for America.

On Tuesday, they introduced a bill to impose tough limits on the intelligence community’s ability to spy on foreign targets, which has been twisted to watch millions of Americans. Americans need more protection from the prying eyes of our own government. This bill a great step in that direction.

Did you know that currently the US Government has the legal right to conduct an unlimited number of warrantless searches on American citizens? That means they can search you and it’s well within their rights.

By powers granted in section 702 of the (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) known as the FISA Act, the government has the power to force companies to provide warrantless access to your private emails, cell phone calls, and virtually any communication. FISA expires on December 31st, 2017. Senators Rand



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