Feminists, transgenders clash over ‘hate’ speech

This politically correct stuff is getting way too complicated.

It seems now that feminists who advocate for women – and the exclusion of men at times – can be prohibited from stating the fact that “men aren’t women.”

Feminists rebelled against the June Cleaver image on the old TV sitcom “Leave it to Beaver” of a woman who’s highest calling was to stay at home, take care of the children, cook, clean and wear pearls while doing it.

But a woman was still a woman.

Nowadays, however, it seems the cultural gatekeepers are insisting a man CAN be a woman.

The Christian Institute in the United Kingdom noted the Student Union at the University of Bristol in England voted to ban any speaker who insists otherwise, classifying such declarations as “hate speech.”

The move developed after an event hosted by A Woman’s Place UK sought to discuss proposed changes to the U.K.’s Gender Recognition Act.

The report said individual speakers previously were banned



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