Feds seek tech for quicky rocket launches

It’s a kind of “have rocket launch system,” will-travel concept, a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin suggests.

A federal agency is offering $10 million in prize money for a company or group that meets the requirements of a new program to put a rocket in orbit on short notice.

Many Americans will remember NASA’s Apollo program, which required a lengthy extended timeline to prepare and stage a rocket, fuel it and test it.

Then launch day came, and the hours of countdown at the massive launch site until ignition.

That takes too long, according to the the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

It is now offering $10 million in prizes to the team that successfully launches a rocket to low Earth orbit with days’ notice and completes a second launch from a different site days later.

DARPA said the plan is to accelerate capabilities and incentivize industry to deliver launch solutions that meet



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