Federal court hands ‘hate’ group defeat in free-speech case

Justice Tom Parker

The far-left and terror-linked activists at the Southern Poverty Law Center have been handed a huge loss in their attempt to silence a state judge who dared to speak out in favor of traditional marriage.

This week a federal court in Alabama issued a preliminary injunction allowing Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker to speak out on issues current under review in the state’s court system.

Parker, who is in the running to be chief justice, gave his views on marriage in a radio program several years ago, and SPLC filed a complaint against him for the comments. The group is known best for its list of “hate” groups in America, but since the list includes conservative organizations that disagree with its pro-abortion and pro-homosexual agenda, it is known itself as a “hate” organization.

SPLC was linked to domestic terror in the court case against Floyd Corkins, who attacked



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