Federal agents discovered preserved fetuses in a warehouse of a man who sold human body parts

Reading this report of fetuses found in the warehouse of a body broker point to some severe problems in the body parts business. If it is not body organs used in transplants, then buying and selling is not illegal, but it is pretty much unregulated. As you read through what the FBI found, you will begin to think that this business is just one step above grave robbing. 

As Written and Reported By John Shiffman and Brian Grow for REUTERS:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal agents discovered four preserved fetuses in the Detroit warehouse of a man who sold human body parts, confidential photographs reviewed by Reuters show.

The fetuses were found during a December 2013 raid of businessman Arthur Rathburn’s warehouse. The fetuses, which appear to have been in their second trimester, were submerged in a liquid that included human brain tissue.

Rathburn, a former body broker, is accused of defrauding customers



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