FEC Targets Hillary Clinton, DNC for Breaking Law With Faked Trump-Russia Dossier

We all knew THIS was coming now didn’t we? I mean did you SERIOUSLY think there was Trump-Russia collusion on the election? Wake up people! That whole Trump-Russia Dossier was nothing but a fake file. A fake file funded by Clinton and the DNC. Now, how is it that Clinton and the DNC could use ‘federal election funds’ to fund a fake dossier on Trump you ask? Good question. That’s exactly what the FEC wants to know too!

After nearly a year of speculation, a Washington Post report published Tuesday linked the erstwhile Democrat standard-bearer and her functionaries at the Democrat National Committee with providing the funding for the infamous, debunked “Trump dossier.”

Now, that revelation could mean Hillary is involved with another investigation — this time with the Federal Election Commission.

Well, it’s about time, isn’t it, that the FEC looked into funds from the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton campaign. You



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