Fearless Christian champion: Islam conquering West

BREMERTON, Wash. – On her previous trip to the Seattle area, Heidi Mund was greeted by more than 120 protesters carrying signs bearing messages such as “Love thy Neighbor” and “Choose Understanding Not Fear.”

When she came last week to the Navy town of Bremerton, Washington – a ferry-ride across the Puget Sound from Seattle – a smaller contingent of protesters turned out expressing the same concerns, viewing her as an enemy of tolerance who bears animosity and hatred toward Muslims.

Heidi Mund (WND photo)

What is it that provokes such a reaction to a German schoolteacher who grew up in communist East Germany as an atheist and a “sold-out socialist” before becoming a Christian?

In November 2013, Mund drove five hours to the historic Memorial Church of the Reformation in Speyer, Germany, when she heard the church – built to honor Martin Luther – had invited a Muslim imam to give the

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Art Moore

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