FBI’s 3rd time hunting for Clinton-Lynch tarmac documents

The first time the American Center for Law and Justice asked the Justice Department for its records on the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting in Phoenix, it quickly replied that there were no records.

It was, after all, according to the participants, only a brief meeting for old friends who were talking about their grandchildren.

The former president and departing attorney general insisted their private meeting had nothing to do with the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s wife, then a candidate for president, of her mishandling of classified information.

The ACLJ thought the public should know what the government knows about the meeting, so it asked for the DOJ records.

Nothing, report the agency.

So the ACLJ asked again, and reported the DOJ said, wait, there are a few.

Twenty-nine pages.

But that’s all.

The ACLJ still wasn’t convinced and went to court for a summary judgement against the agency over its searches.

Now the DOJ is promising



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