FBI Informant Threatened into Silence by Obama Admin During Clinton-Russia Scandal!

Would you looky here! Oh, my, my!

It’s the Obama-Clinton Russia collusion NOT the Trump-Russia collusion. There was NO Trump-Russia collusion that was just a distraction to get the public thinking there was and to deflect the public from the REAL news – Clinton and Obama sold out America to Russian and then THREATENED an FBI informant! Friggin’ UNBELIEVABLE!

The news came as the Uranium One/Clinton Foundation scandal exploded with the revelation that the FBI knew about a widespread scheme of financial malfeasance on the part of Russia designed to get a foothold in the United States’ uranium supply. That malfeasance not only included bribery and kickbacks but also blackmail and money laundering, The Hill reported.

The allegations shed new light on one of the more controversial deals that took place during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. Clinton signed off on a 2010 deal that allowed the Russian state-owned firm Rosatom



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