FBI Agent Strzok Told of Clinton Server Breach, But Ignored It!

Former FBI agent Strzok was alerted to an irregularity with Clinton’s server, but never followed up! The real question is – Did the anti-Trump agent look the other way on purpose? 

My guess is ABSOLUTELY! Come on people! FBI Agent Strzok at the time was the senior FBI agent in the Intelligence. If he looked the other way he should be charged with “misconduct of office”. How is this douchebag STILL employed?

During the final months of the Clinton email investigation, FBI agent Peter Strzok was advised of an irregularity in the metadata of Hillary Clinton’s server that suggested a possible breach, but there was no significant follow up, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter.

Sources told Fox News that FBI agent Strzok, who sent anti-Trump text messages that got him removed from the ongoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, was told about the metadata



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