Far Right Joins German Parliament, First Time Since WWII

A far-right party appears likely to have representation in Germany’s Parliament for the first time since 1945, when the Nazis were there, The Washington Post reports.

The Alternative for Germany party (AfD) has been around since 2013, but recent concerns over immigration have helped boost it to the third most popular party, according to the Post.

Pollsters expect the AfD to get more than enough votes in parliamentary elections this month to reach the 5 percent minimum required to have representatives in Germany’s lower house, the Bundestag.

That isn’t going over well in a country still dealing with its Nazi past.

“I don’t know anyone in the Bundestag among the staffers and the MPs who does not feel angry,” a staffer for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) told the Post. The paper said that feeling was unanimous among the half-dozen staff members who talked to them, and they



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