Family Research Council subpoenaed in transgender fight

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.

The Family Research Council has been in the crosshairs of the culture-change advocates who insist on promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and such in the past.

Literally, the crosshairs. Or at least gun sights.

It happened a few years ago when a homosexual activist, Floyd Corkins, got information from the Southern Poverty Law Center about those groups that don’t support homosexuality – the FRC qualifies on that count – and he took a gun and went to the operation’s Washington headquarters.

He explained later, when he was arrested and ultimately convicted in a case that linked the SPLC to domestic terror, that he intended to go and shoot and kill as many people in the FRC offices as he could. He was stopped by a heroic security guard who, though wounded, tackled him and took him down.

Now the organization is in a figurative



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