Fake news! ‘Settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque’

Temple Mount

It may be a new level of so-called “fake news.”

A Palestinian media outlet has posted a story, in Arabic, explaining how “Settlers break into Al Aqsa Square.”

The beginning of the story huffs, “Dozens of settlers stormed the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Jewish Passover holiday with the protection of Israeli police.”

The images of the “storming,” however, show visitors quietly walking, shaking hands, looking at smartphones and engaging in conversation.

A report by JNI Media in Breaking Israel News explained the photographs belied the claims of violence.

“In an Arab media linguistic culture in which every Jew is a settler and every Jewish visit to the Temple Mount is an attack, the Ma’an news agency’s top headline on Sunday morning alerted its readers: ‘Settlers break into Al Aqsa Square.’”

It continued, “Of course, the settler’s break-in was belied by Ma’an’s own pictures which showed a group of Israeli tourists



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