“Fake” News Hoax Completely Debunked by Researchers

The liberal hoax surrounding “fake news” and its effect on the 2016 presidential election has been eviscerated by new research into the subject.

New research has proven once and for all that the liberal theory surround “fake news” is a total hoax.

While the democrats were scrambling to construct a scapegoat for the embarrassing defeat of Hillary Clinton in November of 2016, they tried almost everything:  Russian hackers, Donald Trump’s ties to Vladimir Putin, and, of course, “fake news”.  The last of these asinine theories to still be sticking around was the one regarding “fake news”, but even that cockamamy idea has finally been blown to bits.

“NYU economics professor Hunt Allcott and Stanford economics professor Matthew Gentzkow led the research. The pair ran a series of tests to determine which fake news articles were circulated, how much of it was circulated, and the amount of voters that…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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