FAKE Claim: GOP Didn’t Want To Pass Hurricane Sandy Aid (Bill Had Billion$ Of Unrelated Pork)

The latest example of fake news from the mainstream media comes from the coverage of Hurricane Harvey. The canard being pushed by the liberal that the GOP is being hypocritical (especially those from Texas) because they voted against the Hurricane Sandy Relief bill.  What isn’t being mentioned is that the Hurricane Sandy relief package was laden with billions of dollars of non-Sandy related pork.

On Sunday evening The Hill tweeted out:

Texas senators who voted against aid for Hurricane Sandy ask for federal assistance ahead of Hurricane Harvey https://t.co/KPQstpG1ey pic.twitter.com/s6zUMeEKBn

— The Hill (@thehill) August 26, 2017

The Sandy Relief bill originated in the Democratically Controlled Senate. Without going through the committee process (gee I thought the Dems thought avoiding the committee process was a bad thing.

According to a December 2012 report in the NY Post (whose coverage area was hit by Sandy), the pork-laden relief bill included:



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