Facebook yanks pro-Trump pages after false claims of nudity


On Thursday, Dan Morris and Lindsey Michelle, bloggers at SwampDrain.com, informed me that Facebook yanked their pages, named “Trump Daily,” “Dan Sessions” and “TD Newswire” after falsely claiming that posts they made to the social media site were not only spam, but violated the community standards on nudity.

There’s only one problem.  None of the posts Facebook flagged contained any nudity.  None, whatsoever.  Moreover, the site the posts linked to also contains no nudity.

Here’s screenshots of some of the posts Morris provided Thursday:

These are just four of the 10 posts Morris provided.  All of them make the same false claim.  As anyone with a properly functioning brain cell can see, there is no nudity in any of these posts.

How did this happen?  We don’t know as Facebook has so far refused to respond to our inquiry, so we can only speculate that



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