Facebook Pulls Ads Of A Small Business And It’s Heartbreaking

Social media giant Facebook has its own interpretations of the bill of rights. It has no qualms about enforcing any reference to weapons of any kind, especially firearms. That they can impose their will on a small business is not debatable. It appears that they do not play as rough with the big retailer, however. Because FB has now become the public square for ideas and trade, how long will it be before they face some oversight into their liberal interpretation of our society? Look what they did to this small business.

As Written By Eric Liberman for the Daily Caller:

The Sportsman’s Shop, a small town business that has been in operation since 1954, says it can no longer advertise products like American flags or outdoor clothing on Facebook because it’s Facebook page promotes the sales of guns, and includes links that lead to the same.

Located in East Earl, Pa.,



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