[EXPOSED] MSNBC star caught on video helping Russia

MSNBC star Alex Witt couldn’t get enough of the story. Americans taking to the street to protest President Donald Trump, calling for his removal from office and chanting ugly, unpatriotic slogans?

She and reporter Morgan Radford, as well as their rivals at CNN, reportedly breathlessly on the angry protests that swept across New York City on Nov. 12, 2016.

The only problem? The anti-Trump event wasn’t organic liberal rally against the results of our nation’s presidential election.

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This was part of an information attack on America by a hostile foreign power. And CNN and MSNBC stars were enthusiastically playing along, broadcasting this nasty message into millions of U.S. homes, hour after hour after hour.

From sea to shining sea, Russia’s anti-Trump message was repeated again and again by these liberal news organizations — the exact thing that Russian dictator Vladimir



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