Expose criminals in your neighborhood with this government records tool

As told to Ed Smith – Sponsored by TruthFinder

Finally, regular people can expose the secret criminal lives of almost everyone they know.

You already know that crooks are everywhere. Your neighbor might be hiding drug charges. Your friend might have swept a few assault arrests under the rug. And let’s be honest, even your spouse might be hiding some dirty details about their life before you got married.

But thanks to a new tool, that kind of secrecy ends now.

To uncover the truth about almost anyone, just search their name using TruthFinder. I used it to look up everybody in my neighborhood, and it revealed that not everyone was as honest as they appeared.

Get access to government records

TruthFinder works by pulling data from government public records. This is information that the feds and state governments know about almost everybody. I’m talking about criminal records,



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