Executives at Clinton-Linked Laureate Education having abandon ship drill?

Here is a report on all the top-level executives that are fleeing from Laureate Education. Laureate Education and its prime property, Laureate International Universities have been closely tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Old Bill pulled down millions for an honorary position and the Clinton Foundation garnered about $5 million. 

The relationship between the Clinton Foundation and Laureate Education has come under scrutiny. Congress wants a better understanding of the relationship between the foundation and LI. The FBI and the DOJ have been asked to look into it. It is not clear what the quid pro quo is between the two.

As Written and Reported As An Exclusive By Richard Pollock for the Daily Caller:

The most prestigious board member of Laureate Education has announced his departure from the firm, continuing a rapid exodus of top-level executives at the Clinton-connected company.

Robert Zoellick, a former World Bank president, will leave the company at



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