Exam Questions Blast Trump as Bigot, Tout Hillary as Unifier….But Who is Professor Karin Stanford?

Professor Karin Stanford couldn’t be more blatant about her stance on politics than on her recent exam for university students. But why so bias? Maybe you really don’t know Karin Stanford.

Donald Trump is not a racist. In addition when it comes to unifying Americans, Trump is more of a unifier than Hillary Clinton EVER was.

So for Professor Stanford to enter her sense of politics into an exam at a University, well, you need to understand a little background history first.

But first the story from Campus Reform:

The final exam for one California State University-Northridge class left students with little doubt as to their Professor Stanford’s opinion of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The online final for African Studies 161, “American Political Institutions: A Black Perspective,” taught by Professor Karin Stanford, asked students about both 2016 presidential nominees in similarly formatted questions, both of which included an “all of

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