Ex-Spook and Top Trump Antagonist Michael Morell is a Very Sleazy Character

Michael Morell first came to my attention in a meaningful way last summer when he wrote an editorial in The New York Times calling Donald Trump “an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”  The article was widely seen as an audition for CIA director under the seemingly inevitable Clinton administration. I covered the episode in the post, New York Times Fails to Disclose Op-Ed Writer’s Ties to Hillary Clinton’s ‘Principal Gatekeeper’:

While that opportunistic hit-job certainly caught my attention, I had no idea of the horrifying professional history of the man until today. Apparently he’s had an extremely successful career being promoted for screwing up over and over again.

As The National Interest explains in a must read piece, Who Is Michael Morell?

“No doubt Putin is playing Trump!” Yes, former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell is indeed at it again. During the presidential campaign he repeatedly attacked Donald Trump as an “unwitting agent of the Russian Federation.”…



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